Protein Biomarker Unit
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The Proteomics Unit focuses on the identification and validation of proteins to be used as diagnostic biomarkers or representing therapeutic targets. Moreover, the unit aims at the development of single and multiplex assays for their detection. Multi-omics strategies (especially LC-MS based proteomics) are applied for identification. ELISA, western blot, and peptide or bead arrays (Luminex) are utilized for validation. High-affinity monoclonal antibodies, which are usually developed in the group, are key tools for these immunochemical assays.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kalkhof also holds the research professorship for the master degree program Bioanalytics at the Coburg University for applied science and arts. This synergy enables the identification and characterization of relevant biomarkers by mass spectrometry, which are then validated in the Department of Therapy Validation using antibody-based techniques and prepared for clinical application.



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