Research networks


Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence for Immune-Mediated Diseases

The primary goal of the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence for Immune-Mediated Diseases is the translation of innovative ideas and identified targets into individualized therapies for immune-mediated diseases. In the medium term, the collaborating institutes want to bridge the existing gap from research on novel medications to what is actually available to patients.

Fraunhofer Group for Life Sciences

Six Fraunhofer institutes and one Fraunhofer research institution, each having proven in-depth expertise in different areas within the life sciences, are involved in this Group. Their combined knowledge of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, medicine, pharmacology, ecology, and nutritional science is thus pooled and synergized within this Fraunhofer Group. In all these Fraunhofer institutes, the scientists collaborate in interdisciplinary teams, so that tailored know-how concerning information technology, engineering science, and legal requirements is also available. Research and implementation at the client’s facilities therefore go hand in hand.


Fraunhofer Project Hub "Microelectronic and Optical Systems for Biomedicine"

The project hub “Microelectronic and Optical Systems for Biomedicine” located in Erfurt will incorporate the interdisciplinary work of three Fraunhofer Institutes. These include the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS, a leading research service provider in the field of microelectronics and microsystem technology, the Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF, a recognized competence center for optics and photonics, and the Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI, a leader in the life sciences.

Leistungs- und Transferzentrum "Chemie- und Biosystemtechnik"