Organization structure

The institute has six locations in Germany (Leipzig, Potsdam, Halle, Rostock, Hannover and Erfurt).

The various units of the institute are organized in 10 departments. The scientific staff is supported by the administration, various staff units and central facilities and services.

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  1. Director
    Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrike Köhl (executive)
    PD Dr. Sebastian Ulbert (deputy)

    1. Administration
      Anja Bochmann-Seidel
      Annette Schäfer (deputy)

      Research Management
      Prof. Dr. Dr. Ulrike Köhl
      Ilka Henze Business Development Diagnostics / ZDD and Patent Management
      Dr. Thomas Tradler
      Corporate Communication
      Jens Augustin
      Central Facilities & Officers
      PD Dr. Sebastian Ulbert
      IT Management
      Alexander Dossin

      1. Department of GMP Cell and Gene Therapy
        Dr. Gerno Schmiedeknecht /
        Kati Kebbel

        1. Cell and Molecular Biology
          Dr. Ulrich Blache /
          Dr. Sandy Tretbar

        2. NK Cell Technologies
          Dr. Dominik Schmiedel

        3. In Vivo Models
          Dr. André-René Blaudszun /
          Dipl.-Biol. Nadja Hilger

        4. GMP Development
          Dr. Anna Dünkel /
          Dr. Paul Franz

        5. GMP Biopharmaceuticals
          Thomas Schmid

        1. Proteomics
          Prof. Dr. Stefan Kalkhof

        1. Vaccine Technologies
          Dr. Jasmin Fertey

        2. Preclinical Validation
          PD Dr. Thomas Grunwald

        3. Vector-based Immunotherapy
          Prof. Dr. Hildegard Büning /
          Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hacker

        1. CardiOmics
          Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Andreas Oberbach

        2. Ligand Development
          Dr. Michael Szardenings

        3. Experimental Imaging
          Dr. Sebastian Greiser

        4. MicroDiagnostics
          Dr. Dirk Kuhlmeier

        5. DNA Nanodevices
          Dr. David M. Smith

        6. Bioinformatics
          Dr. Kristin Reiche

    1. Department of Extracorporeal Therapy Systems
      Prof. Dr. Steffen Mitzner

    2. Department of Drug Design and Target Validation
      Halle (Saale)
      Prof. Dr. Stephan Schilling

      1. Molecular Biotechnology
        Dr. Holger Cynis

      2. Protein and Drug Biochemistry
        Prof. Dr. Stephan Schilling

      3. Drug Design and Analytical Chemistry
        Prof. Dr. Stephan Schilling (temp.)

      4. Astacin Proteases
        Dr. Daniel Ramsbeck

    3. Branch of Institute Bioanalytics and Bioprocessing

      Dr. Eva Ehrentreich-Förster (deputy)

      1. Administration
        Katja Okulla

      2. Transfer and Exploitation
        Dr. Katharina Kasack

      3. Officers

      4. Extremophile Research and Biobank CCCryo
        Dr. Thomas Leya

      5. Project Group "PZ-Syn"
        Dr. Jan Kiebist

        1. ivD Platform / PoC Technologies
          Dr. Harald Peter

        2. Biomolecular Nanostructures and Measurement
          PD Dr. Ralph Hölzel

        3. Biomimetic Functional Materials
          Dr. Nenad Gajovic-Eichelmann

        4. Laboratory and Process Automation
          Jörg Henkel

        1. Cell-free Protein Synthesis
          Dr. Marlitt Stech (temp.)
          Dr. Anne Zemella (temp.)

        2. Eukaryotic Lysates
          Doreen Wüstenhagen

        3. Functional Nucleic Acids – Aptamers
          Dr. Marcus Menger

        1. Microarray and Sensor Technology
          Dr. Cornelia Hettrich (temp.)

        2. Biomarker Validation and Assay Development
          PD Dr. Harald Seitz

        3. Molecular Bio Engineering
          Dr. Markus von Nickisch-Rosenegk

        4. Microsystems for In Vitro Cell Models
          Dr. Katja Uhlig

        5. Microfluidic Cell Processing and Cell Analytics
          Dr. Michael Kirchbaum