Department of Extracorporeal Therapy Systems

The Fraunhofer project group Extracorporeal Therapy Systems in Rostock is dedicated to the development of new diagnostic and treatment procedures in the field of extracorporeal organ replacement systems. Here, work is focused around innovative systems which support the immune system, as well as on functional analyses, improvements to existing medical engineering systems, cell culture based in vitro diagnostics and clinical trials.

The group offers the entire spectrum of preclinical and clinical analyses of extracorporeal technologies based on a broad spectrum of in vitro simulations and animal models as well as on a strong clinical study network for in- and out-patients. Furthermore, the group offers a range of analytical and diagnostic methods, including a cell sensor it developed itself and various molecular assays. By drawing on its close-knit network of cooperation partners, the group also has access to additional state-of-the-art technologies.

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