What makes us special

A detailed overview of our advantages

We are proud of the awards we have won as a popular employer. Find out what makes working at Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI special, and what benefits we offer our employees. 

Join us and work…

… as an interlocutor between science and practice.

Science and business in one job are not compatible? We will prove that it can be done. The Fraunhofer focus is on application-oriented research, with close ties to industry. Together with around 280 industrial and research partners, Fraunhofer IZI develops innovative technologies and processes directly aligned to practical applications and based on a commercial approach. At Fraunhofer IZI, creative space meets real value creation.

… with an added social value.

Are you looking for a meaningful job? Driven by our inquiring spirit, we at Fraunhofer IZI design the medicines of tomorrow. We ask the right questions and find new answers: Solutions to challenges in the health sector - which provide direct benefits to industry and society. Fraunhofer is the leader among the German research institutions in terms of the number of inventions made. We at Fraunhofer IZI also hold a comprehensive patent portfolio and are continuously working to expand it.

… in interdisciplinary research teams.

Our diversity is one of our strengths. A wide range of people of different origins, with different research interests and across different disciplines work at Fraunhofer IZI. Our teams use the creative potential of all genders, age groups, cultures and disciplines, we leave the “beaten track” and have the courage to change perspectives.

… in a future-oriented research environment.

Cutting-edge research is only possible with cutting-edge equipment. At Fraunhofer IZI, the employees have a first-class work environment with state-of-the-art equipment. All of our lab areas, which comprise, in total, several thousand square metres, meet the S2 safety level and are suitable for genetic and infection biology research. In addition, Fraunhofer IZI also has three state-of-the-art clean-room facilities (approx. 1,000 m²) suitable for the GMP-compliant manufacture of biopharmaceutical products at its main site in Leipzig.

Various special facilities complement the research infrastructure. These include, among other things, an S3 laboratory suite, an isotope laboratory, immunohistochemistry lab facilities, an experimental plant for low-energy electron irradiation of liquids, various experimental medicine departments and quality control laboratories. In addition, Leipzig also has central facilities, such as the Centre for Experimental Medicine, the Advanced Analytics technology platform and a biomarker centre.

… fostering your health.

Giving it your best at work – and in sports? The Leipzig site has its own gym where you can really push yourself. The gym offers a range of equipment for strength and endurance training. In addition, you can also take sports courses, such as yoga, or complete training plans to keep your back healthy. 

Do you like sports competitions as a team member? Well, ready, steady, go! The Fraunhofer IZI staff regularly take part in sports events, such as the company run.

Permanent employees and research assistants at our sites in Leipzig, Rostock and Erfurt can complete the “For myself” module offered by our partner voiio, which helps to build resilience and improve your mental health. The module includes digital workshops, workouts and counselling on health topics and illness prevention guidelines. In addition, coaching sessions and crisis counselling are also available.

… using your horizons and your talents.

We strengthen your competences! We give you the opportunity to achieve the best-possible qualifications, to strengthen your profile and to actively promote your career opportunities as a result. To achieve this, the focus will always be on your individual development needs with regard to your tasks at Fraunhofer IZI. 

At our regular employee performance meetings, you discuss your career progress with your superior. Our personnel development will support you in the implementation of the agreed qualification measures. There are different routes to success: The Fraunhofer Gesellschaft course catalogue offers roughly 200 courses that assist you in strengthening your interdisciplinary soft skills and methodical or leadership competences. In addition, numerous subject-specific courses are offered – either in-house or at external training providers. You can also attend conferences for your personal development and networking. 

Would you like to improve your language skills? If needed, we offer our employees free English courses. Moreover, employees whose first language is not German can attend German courses

… developing your career.

Are you a natural leader? At Fraunhofer IZI, we support new executives without any prior leadership experience during a two-year orientation and qualification process focusing on leadership work. The structured development of leadership competences goes hand-in-hand with room for self-reflection and feedback by the respective superior. In various training sessions, the new executives, e.g., learn to recruit, develop and lead employees, to manage conflicts and assume business responsibility. With regard to the methodology and subject-specific content, the focus is on acquisition and negotiation techniques, project management methods or contract design in R & D projects.

Executives who have already gained leadership experience are also invited to use the qualification offers of this program, if needed. In addition, they can use the central LEADERSHIP@Fraunhofer workshop programme, which includes targeted offers for various experience levels (Brochure Leadership at Fraunhofer). Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft specifically supports female scientists and executives through its TALENTA programme. More information on this is available here

Having a career without personnel management responsibilities? Yes, that is possible. At present, Fraunhofer IZI is testing the project management career and the technical expert career in addition to the leadership pathway as part of a talent management program. The Fraunhofer IZI talent management aims to ensure a medium- to long-term structured development for employees with a high-potential for a pathway-oriented career. This program specifically prepares the participants for their future functions and requirements, in line with their personal potential. The program comprises the gaining of various qualifications, the preparation of individual development plans and the exchange of formats between the participants.

For all those who are still unsure about which career path to choose, the Fraunhofer mentoring program “Step forward” provides orientation in personal career planning.

… the way it suits you.

Just like our research activities are based on people’s needs, we also consider our employees’ needs. Therefore, we offer flexible working time models, such as flexitime or part-time, as well as organisational support, e.g. in the form of work-from-home options. Presence and core working times are individually established in consultation with the respective team. Moreover, we provide our employees with technical equipment to ensure that remote work is possible on a flexible basis.

… with better compatibility between having a career and a family.

Fraunhofer IZI has various support offers for employees with children. The daycare centre is closed and your children’s grandparents are on holiday. What now? For these cases, the Leipzig site offers a parent-child office as well as three mobile kids’ boxes. The kids’ boxes are mobile toy chests with a changing table and cot; they help you to care for and keep your children busy while you are working. 

Our cooperation with pme Familienservice can be used if necessary to arrange for approved emergency carers to assist employees at home. Moreover, children can also be looked after at a back-up facility.

In addition, permanent employees and research assistants at our sites in Leipzig, Rostock and Erfurt can use the care offers in the “School children and teenagers” module provided by the voiio family portal. Various virtual and on-site offers for children, as well as workshops for parents, are included as part of this.

In 2017, Fraunhofer IZI in Leipzig opened its own company daycare facility. Here, a childminder has five places for children between the first and third year of life in fully equipped rooms.  .

The Leipzig site of Fraunhofer IZI was awarded the “Fraunhofer Family Logo”. This internal quality seal is awarded in recognition of excellent framework conditions for the compatibility of a career and private life. 

… and get to work easily.

To ensure that you can get to work easily and sustainably, Fraunhofer IZI offers the option of a subsidised job ticket for the public transport system. Those who come in to work in an electric vehicle can use the free employee parking and the charging stations for electric vehicles. Alternatively, you can use the institute’s bike garage to safely park your bike.


… without having to go hungry.

Enjoy fresh meals prepared in our staff restaurant at subsidised prices. During the summer, the outdoor seating area is particularly inviting.

… in two of Europe`s most liveable cities

Between January and April 2023, 71,153 people from 83 European cities were surveyed on behalf of the European Commission to find out whether they are satisfied with their place of residence. Only Leipzig (5th place) – our main location – and Rostock (8th place) – home to our Extracorporeal Therapy Systems branch – are among the top 10 cities in Germany. So work where it's good to live. You can view the detailed survey results here.

You can find out more about all our locations here:

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