Ligand Development

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The unit focuses on the interaction of biomolecules, in particular the identification of peptides for tumor targeting and antibody characterization. A new peptide phage display method is combined with modern devices and measurement methods. This allows in silico data evaluation for epitope mapping as well as the immunome of patient sera (e. g. allergy and vaccine research) and the identification of peptide ligands for the characterization of complex structures (e. g. cell surfaces) as an alternative to antibodies. These applications range from the labeling of cancer cells / tissues to the characterization of (stem) cells in different culture and storage conditions.


Here is an overview of the methods we use.


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Enzymatic treatment replacing plasma:

L-Act Surface treatment



A project dealing with food allergy diagnostics, food analytic and preparation of food ingredients

Cancer targeting peptides: Nanoparticles in tumor treatment

Technology Presentations

Rapid and extensive epitope fingerprinting of mono- and polyclonal antibodies

PepTalk 2018: Variations in vaccine response