Image Analysis of Cell Function

Light Sheet Microscopy Platform

Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) is a fluorescence microscopy method which illuminates just a thin layer being in the sample (usually only a couple of micrometers). Compared with other fluorescence microscopy procedures such as confocal microscopy, light sheet microscopy is thus able to keep damage caused by light-induced stress or bleaching at a minimum. By carrying out multi-directional SPIM (mSPIM), the sample can be illuminated alternately from different directions and in real time, thus enabling further artifacts to be eliminated and increasing image quality accordingly.

Since 2017, the light sheet microscope and related services have been available not only to in-house units but also to customers and partners. The 3D fluorescence microscopy platform is especially gentle on samples and therefore well suited, among other things, to observing and analyzing the growth of organoids, the study of model organisms, and the histological architecture of organotypic cultures as a long-term process over the course of days or even weeks based on 3D imaging.