Experimental surgical procedures

  • Development of a bioreactor to simulate heart valve infections
  • Development of alternative treatment options for local pockets of infection

Infection diagnostics relevant to cardiac surgery

Genome and transcriptome analyses of human and microbial analytes

  • Next-generation sequencing (Illumina sequencing systems; MiSeq; ultra-high-throughput sequencing system HiSeq 2500)
  • DNA capture sequencing and DNA amplicon sequencing

Structural and ultrastructural investigations of infected tissues

  • Immunohistological examinations (immunofluorescence, FACS analyses, FISH assays)
  • Electron-microscopical examinations (FIB-SEM, 3View), infection serology
  • Detection of antigens of particular pathogens and / or antibodies

Thrombin generation

  • The determination of thrombin generation using the Thrombodynamics assay (HemaCore SA, Route de l'Ile-au-Bois, 1870 Monthey, Switzerland) is based on traditional fluorimetry combined with time-resolved microscopy.