Bio-Nanotechnology Application Laboratory

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The Bio-Nanotechnology Application Laboratory (BNAL) in Leipzig is a research infrastructure jointly run by the Fraunhofer IZI and the Fraunhofer IKTS. With this laboratory, both institutes are opening up new fields of application in biomedicine related to various nanotechnologies.

The state-of-the-art equipment allows biological and medical issues to be handled in an interdisciplinary manner. This means that the BNAL is able to offer research and development services from fundamental biomedical research through to process development, right over to the development and validation of innovative technologies and system solutions.

Through the combination of biological and medical expertise at the Fraunhofer IZI (e.g. oncology, chronic inflammatory diseases and neurodegenerative diseases) together with established analysis methods for materials diagnostics at the Fraunhofer IKTS, new diagnosis and therapy technologies and procedures can be developed.


The bio-nano application laboratory is supported by:

Imaging procedures




Cell characterization and classification

Surface sterilization and modification