Biophysical analytics

The biophysical analytics laboratory focuses on the characterisation of interactions between biomolecules (proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and small molecules). The laboratory has a number of instruments which are specifically used depending on the question examined to determine bond strength (affinity), bond kinetics, as well as the thermodynamics of bonds. The appropriate methods are selected in cooperation with the project partners. In addition, the laboratory has the suitable expertise and equipment for quantifying biomolecules on the basis of various immunoassays (such as ELISA) as well as time-resolved fluorescence. The laboratory is GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certified, so that customer-specific applications can be developed and validated, both for pure research projects and for work processes in a regulatory sphere.

  • SPR – Surface plasmon resonance: Monitoring the association and dissociation of molecules in real time – determination of the kinetic binding profile (kon, koff, KD)
  • ITC – Isothermal titration calorimetry: Determination of a bond’s thermodynamic parameters (KD, ΔH, ΔS, N) – thermodynamic profiling in context to SAR (→ synthesis chemistry) and structural data (→ X-ray structural examination)
  • Fluorescence polarisation: Change in anisotropy on account of the slowed-down molecule rotation through the bond → determination of affinity
  • Immunoassays: Accumulation, depletion and quantification of (bio)molecules with the help of antibody-based assays → ELISA, immunoprecipitation
  • Time-resolved fluorescence: Detection / quantification through time-resolved fluorescence of the special marking of the biomolecules (e.g. Europium label)

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