Dual Career

The Fraunhofer IZI is a member of the Dual Career Network Mitteldeutschland (DCNM).

With this initiative we follow the commitment of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft which has been working together with the Munich Dual Career Office of the Technical University Munich since 2008. The network consists of a diversified alliance of research institutions, universities, colleges, educational institutions, and businesses in central Germany with 30 partners in total.

Following the model of the Munich Dual Career Office, our network is for partners and families of highly qualified scientific personnel of the participating network partners who are faced with high mobility requirements. The focus is on consulting, especially the integration of the partners into the labor market.

We further support our scientists and their families in all aspects of housing, government agencies, child care, school, language courses, culture, and society in order to advance their integration in Leipzig.

The network partners organize regular events and meetings, thus building the necessary framework for a lively exchange of experiences and information for the benefit of the dual-career couples.