Business Development (Diagnostics / ZDD) and Patent Management

"Fraunhofer IZI – Innovations for Future Medicine"


Within its four business units the Fraunhofer IZI is developing a large portfolio of patent-protected innovative platform technologies and product candidates, for which we are always interested in establishing partnerships with research and industry partners for further development and commercialization. Additionally, the institute offers to its industry, research and clinical partners a multitude of attractive service packages for the development, testing and manufacturing of product innovations for medicine and life sciences. 

Our executive department supports the further development and commercialization of our intellectual property rights portfolio and has a particular business development focus on our diagnostics business unit and the Fraunhofer-Center for Digital Diagnostics ZDD®. 

We`ll be glad to serve as your point of entry at Fraunhofer IZI regarding the establishment of joint projects to realize product innovations for therapy and diagnoses in modern medicine. Please contact as at any time – we`ll be happy to support you!