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Current publications

  • Ißleib C, Kurz S, Scholl S, Amberg B, Spohn J. Plasticity of proinflammatory macrophages depends on their polarization stage during human MSC immunomodulation – an in vitro study using THP-1 and human primary macrophages. Immuno 2021, 1, 518-528.
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  • Balakin S, Yun Y-S, Lee J, Kang E-H, Spohn J, Yun I-S, Opitz J, Cuniberti G, Yeo J-S. In vitro characterization of osteoblast cells on polyelectrolyte multilayers containing detonation nanodiamonds. Biomed Mater 2020 Aug 21;15(5):055026.
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