Cell and Gene Therapy Development

QualiBioPharma – Qualification of specialists in biotechnology

With the QualiBioPharma project, Biosaxony GmbH and Fraunhofer IZI are supporting people in their reintegration into the labor market, especially in the manufacturing pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, through targeted training measures. At the same time, the measure is intended to increase the availability of skilled workers for the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies in the region of Central Germany.

As a practical partner, the Fraunhofer IZI trains the participants in a practice-oriented curriculum in the basics of biotechnological laboratory work. Special emphasis is placed on pharmaceutical manufacturing in accordance with the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In addition to theoretical training content, such as the special requirements for occupational health and safety, the laboratory environment, the legal situation and elements of quality assurance, practical skills are also taught on a wide range of laboratory techniques, equipment and the handling of biological material. The goal of the training is to qualify as a pharmaceutical industry laboratory technician or GMP operator for the production of biologicals.

The Fraunhofer IZI as a partner and independent training provider as well as the current training measure are certified in accordance with the Accreditation and Approval Ordinance for Employment Promotion.