Equal opportunities

Gender equality at the workplace is a key element of the Fraunhofer Society value culture, the guiding principle of which is the appreciation of the diversity of all our employees. All employees are given fair opportunities for participation and development – irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, religion and ideology, disabilities, age, or sexual identity.  Personnel development concepts are designed to continuously increase the share of female scientists, as well as the number of female executives, while also increasing the number of people with disabilities in our workforce. Moreover, as part of our diversity management, we want to raise our employees and executives’ awareness of subjects such as the compatibility of family and career, as well as the work-life balance and gender-sensitive language and the gender-neutral selection of staff. 

Diversity Management

Fraunhofer research teams are composed of a well-balanced mix of members. We use the creative potential of diversity in terms of gender, age, culture, and different specializations – thereby increasing the quality of our work results. We see diversity as enriching the work at Fraunhofer. The Fraunhofer Society is a member of the “Diversity Charter”, as well as a founding member of the “Chefsache” initiative.

Work-life balance

The criterion of the compatibility of family and career as well as work-life balance forms a central element for equal opportunities. A healthy balance is a high priority for the employees – and we support this through flexible working time models. In addition to two mobile “bring-your-child-to-work” offices, the institute also has a parent-child office with a nursing corner. Furthermore, we offer 5 day-care places for young children of up to 3 years (depending on availability). Moreover, our emergency care offer can also help to reduce stress at work and in the family.

Overview of our tools to promote equal opportunities

Fraunhofer TALENTA: Sponsoring and advancement programs for female scientists at Fraunhofer

"Fraunhofer TALENTA" is a sponsoring and advancement program for hiring, retaining, and developing female scientists which offers three program at different career levels. The basis of the advancement program on the one hand is to provide financial support to the specific organisation unit for hiring and developing female scientists and female executives. On the other hand, it focuses on the individual career development of female scientists at Fraunhofer, giving them "career time" to focus on their individual specialist and executive career. At an early stage, the funded scientists are supported by reflecting on their current situation and their career possibilities to push their career forward. The program aims to establish a new, highly attractive job position for internal and external applicants that is connected with support services designed in accordance with the applicants’ specific career and life phase.

"TALENTA" exists in three versions on three different career levels

  • TALENTA start – the starting point for your career. This program is designed for qualified female university graduates beginning their career in applied science at Fraunhofer. This program aims to support the candidates beginning their career at Fraunhofer, guide them during the initial stages of their career in applied science and facilitate the necessary acquisition of interdisciplinary competences. Every year, 30 places are available for this target group.
  • TALENTA speed up – to boost your career. This career level is designed for female researchers working at Fraunhofer or new applicants with professional experience (with or without leadership experience). It aims to support the candidates in their development at their respective career level and to provide a qualification offer in accordance with their own career path. Every year, 30 places are available for this target group.
  • TALENTA excellence – to perfect your career. This program created for experienced female scientists working at Fraunhofer or external female researchers in executive positions is designed to continue the individual career support tailored to the candidate’s respective situation and help to strengthen her respective profile. Every year, 10 places are available for this target group.

Depending on the specific program, the program is available for both Fraunhofer employees and external applicants. Further information is provided in the flyer.

If you have further questions or need additional information, the equal opportunities officer at Fraunhofer IZI is, of course, at your disposal.

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