Equal opportunities

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for men and women, and supports efforts to create an equitable work life balance. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is committed to bringing more women into applied research. It aims to increase the proportion of female scientists in all areas where they are currently underrepresented. In order to achieve this objective, the different circumstances and interests of men and women need to be identified and integrated in every project and program from the outset, and reviewed at regular intervals thereafter. The findings are used as a basis for improving gender equality aspects in personnel recruitment and throughout the working lives of our female employees. To check that the measures are implemented in every institute and as a contact person for the employees there is an equal opportunities officer in every institute and a central equal opportunities commissioner in the headquarters.

Diversity Management

Fraunhofer research teams are composed of a well-balanced mix of members. This enables them to exploit the creative potential of both sexes and a variety of different age groups, cultural backgrounds and scientific disciplines, and thus improve the quality of their results.

Work-life balance

The ability to achieve a happy equilibrium between leisure interests, family and work lies at the very heart of the equal opportunities ethos. A healthy work-life balance is a high priority for all our staff.

To be an attractive employer, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft needs to give employees every opportunity to organize their work flexibly. Looking towards the future, our intention is to systematically expand the part-time and teleworking arrangements we already offer, along with the hitherto rarely used option of taking sabbatical leave.

Overview of our tools to promote equal opportunities

  • Girls' Day
  • Doctoral Program
  • Fraunhofer mentoring program
  • Childcare
  • Support for active fatherhood

Fraunhofer TALENTA: Sponsoring and advancement programs for female scientists at Fraunhofer

"Fraunhofer TALENTA" is a targeted and holistic sponsoring and advancement program for hiring and developing female scientists, which exists in three forms on three different career levels. The basis of the advancement program on the one hand is to provide financial support to the specific organisation unit for hiring and developing female scientists and female executives. On the other hand it focuses the individual career development of female scientists at Fraunhofer. At an early stage, the funded scientists are supported by reflecting on their current situation and their career possibilities to push their career forward. The program aims to establish a new, highly attractive job position for internal and external applicants that is connected with support services designed in accordance with the applicants’ specific career and life phase.

"TALENTA" exists in three versions on three different career levels

  • TALENTA start is the program for all qualified female university graduates aiming to start their career at Fraunhofer to work in applied research. 40 positions are available per year.
  • TALENTA speed up is for female scientists who already have work experience, with or without leadership experience. 30 positions are available per year.
  • TALENTA excellence is the right program for established female scientists with leadership experience. 20 positions are available per year.

Every institute is able to submit one application per career level per year. Further information is available here: "Förderfibel" (only in German language) [PDF 0.5 MB]

Applications can only be submitted together with the equal opportunity officer, Daniela Bosler. Please contact Ms. Bosler if you would like to apply or if you have any questions.

Cornelia Gruhle

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Equal opportunities officer

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