Biological Material Analytics

AFM topography lapped oxide ceramics
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The Biological Material Analytics Unit supports the development of implants through research projects that are focused on defined immunologically effective, bioceramic materials and develops standardized, immunobiological test procedures for innovative (bioceramic) implant materials, especially in the field of dentistry but also endoprosthetics.

The aim here is to develop modular and / or hierarchically structured material surfaces which facilitate a patient-customized and / or disease-specific therapeutic application. Appropriate diagnostic rapid tests and material characterization procedures are ultimately to be established and validated.

Service portfolio:

  • Contract research and collaboration projects, feasibility studies
  • Characterization of protein adsorption on material surfaces and boundary layers
  • Development of suitable methods for immunobiological material testing
  • Manipulation and control of the adsorption of specific proteins
  • Topical functionalization (drug depots) of bioceramic surfaces
  • Immunobiological in-vivo investigations (murine mouse model) to assess the integrity of (bioceramic) implant materials
  • Performance of immunobiological, diagnostic tests (service)


Here we show you a selection of current projects.


Here you will find an overview of all publications that have emerged from the research work of our unit.