Biological Material Analytics

Selected current projects and research cooperation

  • VDE / VDI BMBF VIP+ cooperation project with the topic “Universally usable in vitro testing system for standardized, resource-saving implementation of biointerface studies” (Project acronym: UniBioface)
  • EU-HORIZON cooperation project with the topic “Next Generation BiOactiVe NAnocoatings“ (Project acronym: NOVA)
  • BMWi - WIPANO project (knowledge and technology transfer through patents and standards) with the aim of developing a quantitative direct cytotoxicity test (as a standard test method) for medical devices – cooperation project with Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing Munich GmbH and DIN (Project acronym: ToxQuant)
  • German Korean AiF / ZIM cooperation project to establish a marker-free and specific analysis method for the standardized evaluation of non-transparent biomaterials in macrophage activation (cell holography / laser-assisted cell dissection) – Cooperation project with HICS Company and Pixel Inc. (South Korea), LLS ROWIAK LaserLabSolutions GmbH (Germany) (Project acronym: ImplantHoloCut)
  • Fraunhofer SME cooperation project (IKTS and IMWS) Process optimization for the evaluation of desensitizing dental care products via the production of an artificial dentin structure based on ceramics (Project acronym: ArtDentin)