We aim for early diagnosis as well as improved risk stratification in personalized medicine to realize individually tailored therapy choices for patients. To this end, we employ computer-aided methods combined with omics-wide and multi-modal analytical tools to identify and validate new biomarkers as well as new therapeutic targets.

Omics-wide and multi-modal diagnostic procedures allow for a simultaneous characterization and validation of a multitude of biological markers for your research question. Partially, the characterization is achieved on single cell level or spatially resolved in direct proximity of the surrounding tissue. We apply machine learning and statistical learning (AI), computational biology and integrative bioinformatics for the analysis of the collected data.

We support you in the development of algorithms and classification models for in vitro diagnostics. For advanced therapy medicinal products like gene or cell therapy, we assist you in gaining detailed insights into mechanisms of action and resistance. In clinical studies we are your partner for an accompanying assessment of the treatment results using omics-wide and multi-modal measurements.

On request, we support you in the implementation of the resulting biomarker signatures into software prototypes for medical devices (e.g. in vitro diagnostic medical device). We implement our development processes within a certified quality management system (ISO9001:2015). The software life cycle is planned and controlled according to IEC 62304 as well as executed in agreement with a risk management system according to ISO 14971.

Please, contact us. A broad spectrum of methods allows us in cooperation with you to implement an individual solution for your challenges in precision medicine.



Software development for precision medicine


Medical bioinformatics in immuno-oncology


Biomarker signatures for prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis


Computational RNA and target identification / structural biology



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