RNA Biomarker

RNA biomarker screening

Well-established Standard Operating Procedures are in place for next generation sequencing (NGS) involving short RNAs (e.g. microRNAs) and long RNAs (e.g. mRNAs, long noncoding RNAs), as well as microarray analyses.

RNA biomarker validation

The validation of identified markers is also well established and implemented using analytical qRT-PCR. Furthermore, a fully automated facility for high-throughput qRT-PCR with an integrated nano-dosing system (I-DOT) is being developed for biomarker validation together with Fraunhofer IPA.

Next generation sequencing: An overview

In the RNA Biomarker Unit, sequencing protocols for both long and short RNAs from a range of patient materials are completed in a standardized manner with the aid of Illumina sequencing systems (MiSeq; Ultra-High-Throughput Sequencing System HiSeq 2500).

Alongside transcriptome sequencing, DNA capture sequencing and DNA amplicon sequencing are also carried out. The unit's infrastructure facilitates an extremely broad spectrum of possible applications and study sizes that goes beyond the above-mentioned technologies.