Imaging and image evaluation

In histology and pathology, immunohistochemical sections are still indispensable. In order to evaluate histological sections according to high standards, they are being increasingly digitalized and examined with complex image analysis tools. Our institute is intensively researching the development of these techniques and offers slide scanning services and professional image analysis.

Our offer

Slide scanning:

  • Scan the slides
  • Online access to the digital slides available
  • Shipment of the digital slides on a data storage medium
  • Slide scanning under GLP conditions


In addition to the slide scanning services, we offer
Professional image analysis:

  • Image analysis by experts according to your needs


  • Slide scanning and image analysis in one step
  • High standards and high image quality
  • Tailored image analysis
  • Image analysis by our imaging experts
  • Access the data online or on a data carrier
  • Constant improvement of our analysis tools by our engineers