In vivo imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (7 Tesla high-field small animal MRI)

Magnetic resonance imaging
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Magnetic resonance imaging

  • Examination of soft tissues and organs, use of contrast agents and cell labeling possible, long-term measurements in single individuals
  • Depiction of anatomical changes, MRS, diffusion methods, functional imaging

Computer tomography (CT and X-Ray for small animals)

  • Depiction of dense (bone, cartilage) and contrastenhanced (soft tissue) structures
  • Rendered 3D data sets can be used for conformal radiation treatment planning

Fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging for small animals

  • Monitoring tumor growth and progression of inflammation, tracking cell movements following transplantation (cell tracking)
  • Complex reconstruction of in vivo parameters using Diffuse Light Imaging Tomography (DLIT) and spectral

Bedside imaging for small animals

  • Various ultrasound units with a number of transducers and an implemented Color Doppler
  • Flexible miniature cameras for the routine endoscopic examination of small animals and for the development of new lens attachments