In vitro / ex vivo imaging

Confocal laser scanning microscope with live cell imaging

  • Analysis of cell cultures and tissues in 4D, localizing target structures inside cells
  • Standard laser lines from blue to red, water immersion lenses, real-time rendering and quantification of results

Light sheet microscopy

Light sheet microscopy
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Light sheet microscopy

  • Flexible light sheet microscope with modular sample chamber for sample sizes from just a few μm to 2cm
  • For the study of light-sensitive live-cell samples in high temporal resolution

Atomic force microscopy

  • Nanometer-scaled, micro-mechanical sampling of surfaces using a cantilever measuring needle and measurement of the occurring atomic forces

MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MALDI-MSI)

  • Label-free methods of depicting the distribution of macro molecules in histological samples based on their degree of ionization and time of flight (TOF) in the electric field; special sample preparation and matrix application required, statistical evaluation of distribution patterns

Laser capture microdissection

  • Isolating individual cells or tissue structures by means of microscopic laser cuts, analyzing samples using molecular biology methods (RT-PCR, proteomics)

Hardware-linked evaluation process

  • Stereological quantification using the upright fluorescence and reflected-light microscope for unbiased
    histological evaluations
  • Virtual microscopy in order to create completely virtual tissue sections for digital post-processing, high-throughput technique